Deltech HC, HCL, HCT Series

Dual Tower Heatless/Pressure Swing Type Dessicant Dryers

The HCS, HCT, HCL (40 – 5400 scfm) series are the most versatile and customable air dryers. They offer three different control settings to fit a companies demand style and demand capacity. These are heatless air dryers so there is a very low initial cost as well as the lowest maintenance cost of any dryer type.
The sleek design of these high capacity machines allows for a small footprint to save floor space in a factory where space is always limited.

Flujo CFM: 40 - 5,400
Presión PSIG: 60 - 150
Tecnología: Heat less
Punto de rocío - °F: -38 a -100


  • Farmacéutica


  • Chemical
  • Paint Systems
  • Pharmaceutical