Deltech RP Series

Externally Heated Dessicant Air Dryers

For decades, compressed air users have relied on Deltech to deliver technology that reduces the cost of operation and improves the reliability of air driven processes. The RP Series is engineered to deliver ISO 8573.1 Air Quality and reduce purge air consumption. In combination with our advanced Ambient Air Amplification (A3) Purge Technology TM,we offer externally heated purge desiccant dryers with dew point performance guaranteed from 250 to 3,200 scfm.
The Deltech Guarantee Deltech guarantees that RP Series dryers will produce the design dew point while operating continuously at maximum rated flow (100% duty cycle) at CAGI ADF 200 inlet standards of 100°F inlet temperature and 100% relative humidity at 100 psig.

Flujo CFM: 300 - 3,200
Presión PSIG: 60 - 150
Tecnología: Externally heated
Punto de rocío - °F: 40


  • Alimentos y Bebidas


  • Dairy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical
  • Optics